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restaurant design digest -- A monthly digital companion to rd+d magazine for restaurant development, design and construction professionals. Each edition features a new restaurant profile, industry buzz, chain development news and trends as well as interviews with key influencers and coverage of other topics related to restaurant development and design.
Design Showcase -- A monthly digital companion to rd+d magazine delivering to you a selection of new products used in restaurant design and construction. Each edition features different solutions in building material, furnishing, equipment, technology and more.

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FlashNews -- The weekly news source for foodservice professionals, FlashNews features the latest breaking news and commentary covering people and events in the equipment and supplies industry, updates on foodservice operations, trends and data that impact the foodservice industry and more.
Service Insights -- This bi-monthly newsletter delivers equipment maintenance, installation and related information to help foodservice professionals extend the service life of equipment.
The Specifier -- This monthly newsletter takes foodservice design consultants, equipment buyers and specifiers back to school through a series of project-based articles, product overviews and more.
eMarketplace -- This monthly newsletter provides an overview of some of the latest equipment and supplies entering the market and introduces foodservice equipment and supplies professionals to these items' features and benefits.
Tabletop Trends - This quarterly newsletter looks at some of the hottest tabletop products.

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